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This gorgeous silk face mask in black will keep you safe and healthy during the era of COVID-19!

Since it is recommended by healthcare provideres to wear some kind of face mask or covering when going outside, we recommend purchasing one of these individually wrapped masks. Wear them to go run necessary errands but also to go on walks in the neighborhood. You want a breathable mask to wear while coronavirus is still ongoing. Plus, since it's almost summer and temperatures are rising, that need is only increasing. If you're looking for a comfortable, fashionable face covering, we've cornered the market on that!

Protect yourself - and others - and look great while doing it! Silk fabric is a dirt-deterrant. It is breathable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic.

This silk mask is reusable and washable and is the perfect outdoor covering.


Chic Breathable Individually Wrapped Silk Face Mask in Black

SKU: 9a7ed783
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