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Mia TaiChi Mz. Vanity Fedrick- Lewis

    As a kid I spent most of my life in front of the camera. My father Mario Fedrick was always recording everything. He tought me that its important to always capture as many moments in life as you can because you never know what's ahead for tomorrow. This is where my love for photography came from. From there, I discovered more which lead me to do my own photos and designs in many different ways.  I've always been different from others. In college  my professor and I bumped heads often because he would say my work was too over the top! However, as time went on he told me that's what made me shine and stand out from the rest!

     I created Vanity Taichi as a class project one day to promote a fake business stationery. However the name I used in class was Visual Van ( Van short for Vanity). Vanity was my social club name and Taichi is my middle name. (Yes!  I'm named after my fathers favorite Martial Art.) I decided to use a more personal name that was again over the top to start my business because it represents my character so well. I don't design like others I don't edit like others. I'm more of a Outta The Box  designer. The MF design I created was also from a class project where we had to use our initials to promote clothing wear. As you may guess its not fun to have M.F. as your initials so I played with the design to make it not so obvious!  As a designer I can do the same for you! No more Plain Ordinary Photos and Designs!  I was taught to be BOLD!

Always go for the gold and give them Hell that way they'll always remember you - Mario Fedrick

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